Clean Energy Investment Between United States

Clean Energy Investment Between United States

The Clean-Energy Fuel Corporation is the largest supplier of fuel for vehicles using natural gas and recently the company’s third quarter gross reports were declared and it showed that, the company has reduced its loss in this period and profited with the help of the non-cash gain, revenue jump and few minor charges. The Clean-Energy Fuel Corporation has experienced a loss of around $1.8 million for the previous    green energy   quarter of the year that ended on September. In the previous year, the company had undergone a heavy loss of more than 18 million USD. The Energy Clean Fuel Corporation recently announced that, the company has met a loss of ten cents per share, after excluding the cost involved in the capitalist’s stock guarantees and the non-cash profits. The analysts of the Thomson Reuters conducted polls and they were anticipating an average loss of 7 cents per share and the revenue was around 50.8 million USD for the previous quarter.

The shares of the Clean Fuel Energy Fuel Corporation also decreased tremendously. The conference among the chief executive officer’s of the United States and India held recently, in the meet the chief executive officers of both the countries planned to allocate $1 billion for it venture and this project will be concentrating on solar energy, bio-fuels and bio-mass energy. The development of this clean energy will be profitable for both countries and this will ascertains energy security for both countries. This deal was made by the Ratan Tata, the Chair person of the Tata Group and David Cote, the Chief Executive Officer of the Honeywell Corp. in the presence of the United States President Barrack Obama. David Cote and Ratan Tata mentioned that, the main problem for both the countries, was the large dependence on the clean energy and they imported tremendous amount of hydrocarbon from other countries so this novel venture will be helpful for raising the energy efficiency.

National Governors Association recently declared a report stating that, the United States are confronting with the deficit of the clean energy workers and most of the workers are striving hard to fulfill the gap with the assistance provided by the federal funds. The National Governors Association is teaching new skills and focusing on the clean energy jobs and inculcating the best methods that are used globally to meet the rising demand. John Thomasian, the managing director of the National Governors Association declared that, there are versatile factors involved for the enhancement of the clean energy such as the customer’s preferences, high cost fuels and regulations and simultaneously the demand for the skilled workers have been grown rapidly.

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