If You’re Making These Web Site Mistakes, You’re Scaring Prospects Away

The design of a Web site is important. If you’re making these mistakes, you may be scaring your prospects away. You want your Web site easy to use. Prospects should feel in control of your Web site, not intimidated 웹하드  by it.

What are some mistakes when designing a Web site? The first one is…

Mistake #1: Too many menu buttons without grouping them

Having too many menu buttons complicates your Web site and its navigation. A big mistake is listing 20 menu buttons on the side of your page. Your prospects will have to scan the entire list of menu buttons to find what they want. That’s tedious.

If you have a lot of menu buttons, it’s best to group them. On your menu bar, you can have each menu button bring out a drop-down menu when you move your mouse cursor over them. Microsoft.com has an example of this.

How many menu buttons should you have per group? People’s short-term memory can only process about 7 items. So a good rule of thumb is to include about 7 or less. It’ll make the navigation of your site easier.

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