3 Key Ways to Connect With People in the Age of Twitter, Texting, Facebook, Phones and More

3 Key Ways to Connect With People in the Age of Twitter, Texting, Facebook, Phones and More


How can you connect with prospects and customers in an ever-faster world of instant communication?

Communication is traveling faster today than ever. How is a successful businessperson twitter download video

to keep up with all that is happening and still remain connected to the right people at the right time?

These are some of the questions I had recently from an audience of business professionals where I addressed how they can build business relationships in today’s frenetic, always-in-a-hurry world. Getting attention from potential clients and clients is tougher today than ever.

Here are some suggestions that have helped others and can help you:

Use the right tool for the right communication. This sounds easy but can get confusing. Email is not the best way to reach an audience of 18-25 year olds today. Twitter is not great for sending a more detailed message. Facebook messages can get lost if someone doesn’t use it often. I use a combination and track what types of communication specific clients prefer. Some clients prefer email so that is my preference for those clients. Often I find that a video email is a powerful message in that it brings sound, vision and emotion to a message. Choose carefully and tailor the message to the desired recipient(s). Sometimes, a great tool like email might not be the ideal way to communicate.

Push the Edge Sometimes To Create A Better Impression. I have discovered a wonderful tool that use called EyeJot. It is a Cloud-based app that allows you to send a video email to people you designate. You don’t have to download any software for it to run. Your recipients don’t have to download any software to view it. It is also free (not a bad combination, huh?). It is from EyeJot.com and the free version gives you up to five minutes of video. Great features and it is something you want to check.

Don’t Think Tools, Think People. What matters most is your connection to people. I talk about this in my book on Relationship Marketing that is not about E-Commerce but R-Commerce (Relationship Commerce). Focus on how you can best connect with the people who are important. Using video, Twitter, Facebook, etc. Is something that depends on how the people you want to contact desire to be contacted. Focus on their needs and you’ll find them much more receptive to what you have to say.

Yes, it can get crazy out there in a world that is changing so fast. Communication between people is most important. Using the right tools in the right way is vital. Even more, it is vital to be sensitive to the other person’s preferences on connection.


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